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  • I live in Canada
  • My occupation is Dancing and Singing
  • I am Female
  • LoveKiss

    SophieGTV's Fan Blog

    January 6, 2014 by LoveKiss

    Hi LPSUsers & WikiaUsers, It's me PetLoverGirl and I decided to make this fan blog about SophieGTV

    Sophie hasn't posted any YouTube video yet but don't rush her, you can entertain yourself by watching other videos.

    LPSPopularFandom Wiki: There's a new wiki, make characters right now!

    I don't have a lot to write right now but I hope you like the first part of the blog, the second one comes soon...

    Don't steal my ideas and don't copy my blog

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  • LoveKiss

    Hi, it's me Cecy and I want to put Savvy and Brooke's bad things:

    • She's mean to everyone
    • She's violent
    • She doesn't control herself
    • She cheats on some boys

    • She stole everything from Brooke
    • She's starting to think she's popular
    • She makes Brooke suffer
    • She doesn't care about Brooke because Brooke is mean to her only because of her mother's divorce.

    I still like them, althought they did bad things. Please give me your opinions down below


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  • LoveKiss

    LPS: Popular Fandom Wiki

    December 10, 2013 by LoveKiss

     wiki where you can bring your imagination to create anything! …That's LPS: Popular related of course… We welcome you to share your ideas. Come on! Don't be shy. If you need help with something on the wiki, just contact one of the admins (PerryCookie, and Cuit). Hey! Why don't you press that Create button? If you have a idea, Please don't hesitate to create. What are you waiting for? Lets get started...

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