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  • AmazingPurry

    Sophie has been posting alot of really lovely photos on her Instagram (@sophiegtv ) recently, but on her most recent post she said she was working on another project outside of youtube. What do y'all think it is?! I'm excited to find out!

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  • AmazingPurry

    EPISODE 28

    All images from SophieGTV's Instagram

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  • AmazingPurry

          Hello everyone, Today I am going to review episode 25 of Lps Popular, Rock Bottom. 

    Spoilers ahead, If you havn't seen the latest episode of LPS Popular, I suggest you click away NOW and go watch it.

    ALSO, THESE ARE MY OPINIONS. Please dont argue with me and say im wrong. Thank you.

    Anyways! :)

    I thought this episode was AMAZING. It was probs the best episode iv seen since 'It All Comes Crashing Down' It tops my favorites right here! c:

    Gigi was finally returned to her mummy, and about time aswel. 

    I feel so bad for Brooke in this episode. She is finally getting her life back together, however.  She is taking away Savannahs Life.

    The only question is who was taking the pictures. Sage? Savannah? and what will be Brigittes next move?!?

    10/10 f…

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  • AmazingPurry

    As most of you may know, Sophie, 14/05/14, announced she was 'Back Home' and she was working on Episode 25 of LPS Popular. She showed a sneak peek on some new props and Brooke. She said she was busy working on it. And It'll be out as soon as possible.

    For now, take care!

    - Purry

    (Read the full facebook post Here)

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  • AmazingPurry

    Did You Know!

    March 23, 2014 by AmazingPurry

    Did you know if you say (Brook) (Brooke) (Savannah) or (Savvy)  in the chat Savannah and Brooke with appear! Try it out!

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