The Party of the Century
Season 1, Episode 14
Air Date Jan 24th, 2012
Written By SophieGTV
Directed By SophieGTV
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Operation Fry the Sausage
It All Comes Crashing Down

The Party of the Century is the fourteenth episode in the first season of LPS: Popular, and the 14th episode overall. It aired on January 24, 2012.


Brooke Hayes' mom is out for the weekend. Naturally, this means that Brooke's throwing the party of the century and anyone who's someone is going to be there. But it isn't going to be all about dancing and drinking punch... not to mention skimpy little costumes. Brooke and the other Barbies have a plan to take Savannah Reed down once and for all -- and things aren't going to be pretty. Speaking of Savannah, what are her and her friends up to? They've been planning something for the party... and chances are it's going to mean a huge change. Will Brooke's plan backfire in her purrfectly made-up face? I guess we'll see as the night unfolds... but I've been told that a certain someone's boyfriend hasn't been keeping his paws to himself.

Detail Plot Summary

The episode Begins with Brook, Rachel and Alicia in Brook's room. They are all in costume, with Rachel and Alicia wearing blue tiaras and Brook wearing a pair of devil horns and a pink skirt. Brook asks Alicia if the box next to her is the correct hair dye, and Alicia replies that she is positive: "it's black and permanent!" She adds that the lady she bought it from said everyone who tried it could never get it off. When Alicia asks Brook if that is funny, Brook replies yes and all three girls start to laugh. Brook hides the dye in a closet. She comes to Rachel and asks if she has the super-bonding glue. Rachel replies yes, but as she is trying to say something, Brook interrupts her and says that it's "perfect" and puts it in the closet. Rachel struggles to say something, and Brook asks her "What is it, Rach'?". Rachel decided to give up on what she was saying.