Angel or Devil?
Season 1, Episode 9
Air Date July 26th, 2011
Episode Guide
Angel or Devil?
Things Are Going to Get Ugly
Show Him What He's Missing is the ninth episode of the first season of LPS: Popular, and the ninth episode overall. It aired on July 26th, 2011.


What happened to Savannah Reed? She was that meek, shy girl from Montana who could never speak up for herself... but, that girl is no more. Savannah has changed... but whether the change is for better or for worse is the question. From the minute she arrives at school on the day of her transformation, she causes chaos and whispers. She might've been the object of ridicule at the hands of Brooke yesterday, but she's definitely the object of envy and controversy today. Meanwhile, Brooke is fighting harder than ever and growing increasingly clingy in the hopes of keeping her boyfriend, Sage, interested... but it seems as if Savannah's new attitude is a magnet for boys. Tom Dawson shows up mysteriously again and asks Savannah a pivotal question. This is the question that may determine Savannah's future in social hierarchy, and if all goes well, may make her the new "it girl" of Orange County Day Academy. Rumours and whispers are flying, but one thing's for sure: Savannah's making a point to show everyone what they were missing... especially a certain boy.

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