Savannah Reed is seen to have an angel and a devil throughout the series. Even when they are not formally seen again, the theme runs on at Brooklyn Hayes ' party and possibly in future predicaments.


Savannah's angel, whenever she appears, is always trying to convince Savvy to do the right thing. Normally the right thing is for her not to worry about her weight and eat healthily. Sadly, the angel does not come through to her and is often (politely) rejected.

The angel has a dislike for Savvy's devil.


Savannah's devil, whenever she appears, tries to get Savannah whatever it takes to keep on with her anorexia and stay skinny. She is listened to and has a way of getting Savvy to do what she says. However, this is harmful to Savannah.

Savvy's devil has a dislike for Savvy's angel.


Even when the angel and devil don't appear any longer in scenes with Savvy, the theme is carried on by Brooklyn Hayes' party. Brook appears as a devil, and Savvy appears as an angel. It may possibly be a theme for the whole series, due to the popular debate on who is the real antagonist: Savannah Reed or Brooklyn Hayes?


  • The angel/devil look just like Savvy, but the devil is wearing a pair of devil horns and the angel is wearing a halo.
  • Their costumes are the ones worn by Savvy and Brook at Brook's party.