Sage Bond - Sage Bond. Captain of the foot ball team. He is the school 'Hottie' He dated Brooke Hayes for three years. They broke up at Brooke's party and now he dates Savannah. He is happy with his relationship. At the beginning of Season two Brigitte LeBlanc arrives all the way from France. Sage and his family offer her a place to stay. Brigitte is ever so close with Sage and is Savannah's suspect for the notes on her locker. Brooke blackmails Savannah, and in episode 28, Savannah breaks up with him.


Tom Dawson - Tom Dawson is a part of the football team. He is good friends with Sage and Nathan. He dated Savannah for a bit of time then Savannah broke up with him at Brooke's party. He used to date Megan. But only to make Brooke Jealous. He is currently in France.


Nathan Campbell - Nathan used to be Genevieve Ryan's boyfriend and is also good friends with Sage Bond and Tom Dawson.  


Malcolm - Is a nice guy who genuinely cares about his girlfriend, Brooklyn.


Unknown Boy - Is the lover of Angelina Davis. They seem to be very happy together,

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