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Littlest Pet Shop: Popular (colloquially referred to as LPS: Popular) is a pseudo-realistic teen drama series revolving around the rivalry and schemes of Savannah Reed and Brooklyn Hayes and their respective cliques and love interests. The show is a YouTube phenomenon and has been accredited for its realistic interpretation of high school events, despite having a cast of toys, and garnered comparisons to such TV shows and movies as 90210 and Mean Girls.
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Brooklyn Hayes
Brooklyn "Brooke" Hayes is the antagonist in LPS: Popular. Brooke used to be the most popular girl at OCD, and rejected Savannah's friendship; making fun of her and her looks, but after Savannah got her new makeover, Brooke became jealous because of the attention Savannah was getting. So, she hatched multiple plans to "ruin" Savannah, all of which failed, and ended up costing her her popularity, friends, and boyfriend. Now, she's back... and better than ever. Is this the dawn of Brooke 2.0?
Gigi or Mimi?

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