How can you ask me to lie about who I am?
—Josh to Lana[src]

Josh Lawrence is a secondary character in LPS: Popular and the brother of Lana Lawrence.


Josh is a light gray collie with blue eyes.


Josh appears to be both kind and sensitive, sharing a close bond with his sister, Lana, despite their quarrels. In Episode 23, The Claws Come Out, he is easily hurt by Lana's comments asking him to not mess up "their chance at a normal, high school life," but soon forgives her. He, along with his sister, is hiding a secret that no one at their school can know.


Season 2

Josh's first appearance was in episode 23, The Claws Come Out, where he is seen enrolling at Orange County Day with his sister, Lana. After they get their schedules, Lana storms out and Josh chases after her and calls out to her but she ignores him. He then apologizes for something, and admits that he was harsh. Lana tells him to do her a favor and not mess "this up", saying that it's their one chance to have a normal high school life. She tells him that her has to keep their secrets, which upsets Josh. After a brief exchange that ends with them making up, they "paw promise" not to tell anyone their secrets.

Alicia Hamilton calls Brooklyn Hayes and mentions that someone named Norman at school called Josh a "nasty name" and that Lana beat him up.

Josh comes home while Lana is talking on the phone. He says he got sent home early from work and asks Lana how they'll be able to pay rent. She tells him she'll ask for more hours and he says she's already working too much. Lana reasures Josh but he starts to lose hope in believing everything will get better.



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