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Gigi, also known as Mimi, is currently Brooklyn Hayes' pet cricket. Gigi acted as one of the main focuses for Brooklyn and Savannah's rivalry, as they both fought over who was the rightful owner of Gigi.


Gigi is a light teal cricket with black, flowery eyes. She also has greenish antennae. She is one of the three original lps crickets. In fact, she may not necessarily be a cricket. She could actually be a caterpillar. 


Gigi is sweet, loyal and very loving to her owner -- if they treat her right, that is. Gigi was a kind and understanding friend to Brooke until she started to neglect her. Gigi ran away from her original owner, Brooke, after Brooke repeatedly neglected Gigi by leaving her outside in the rain, leaving her alone for long periods of time, not paying attention to her and forgetting to feed her. Gigi was also verbally abused and called "stupid" and "dumb" on a number of occasions, like when Gigi peed on Brooke's designer sweater, and when she was left home alone for so long that she had no choice but to poop on Brooke's floor. The last straw was when Brooke unintentionally injured Gigi by flinging some sort of glass object across her room in a fit of jealous rage. The object hit Gigi and allegedly cut her, as discovered by Savannah in Episode 20. Gigi's abused past has led her to be very timid, frightened, and attached. She cries when left alone by her new owner, Savannah, and begs to be brought to school with her in Episode 22. She rarely leaves Savannah's side, and needs to be close to her at all times -- even following Savannah into the bathroom to be with her while she showers. 

In Episode #23, Savannah brings Gigi to school with her, causing a fight between her and Brooke. 

In Episode #25, Savannah gives Gigi to Brooke at the hospital and apologizes to Brooke for what she has done, however, Brooklyn states that as soon as Savannah leaves the room, Gigi will forget she ever existed.


It All Comes Crashing Down

Gigi makes a brief appearance in this episode after Brooke makes out with Tom to make Savannah upset.


  • Gigi is currently the profile picture and intro for the SophieGTV youtube channel.
  • Gigi has dog-like behaviors.
  • Gigi is very loyal to Savannah.