Genevieve-Nathan Relationship
General Information
Pairing Genevieve Ryan & Nathan Campbell
Nickname(s) Genathan
Nathevieve Cyan
Intimacy Level Ex-Boyfriend and Ex-Girlfriend
Boyfriend and Girlfriend
In Love
Started It All Comes Crashing Down
Ended Liar and the Tramp
Status Split Up
Genevieve-Nathan Relationship is a relationship.


Season 1

The romance between Genevieve and Nathan began at the beginning of season one, when Savannah and Genevieve started to become more popular due to their new attitudes. Nathan notices Genevieve for the first time, and they begin texting each other and flirting in class, even though Nathan already has a girlfriend, Rachel Rivera. Later, at Brooke's party, Nathan and Genny dance together and begin making out by the punch bowl, where they are caught by Rachel. Nathan breaks up with her and she runs away crying, but Nathan does not seem bothered by this, as he turns to Genny and asks, so, where were we?. Genny laughs, thus beginning their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Season 2

They are seen together kissing and talking on multiple occasions in season two, although their relationship is not a large part of the storyline. Genny often mentions Nathan in conversation and calls him her baby. The couple, however, split up due to Genevieve not wanting to go further than kissing him. Nathan left her after stating she was a waste of his time.