• Savvy: (Exhale) Okay, I can do this.

  • Genny: Oh my gosh!
  • Horse: (gasp)
  • Great Dane (hint! hint!): Holy Chihuahua!
  • Alicia: Ugh!
  • Rachel: Wat!!!
  • Brooke: No. Way. (growls)

  • Savvy: (giggles) Hey guys.
  • Lina: Savvy, people are staring at you. A lot.
  • Genny: Yeah, like, a whole lot.

  • Alicia: No.
  • Rachel: No!
  • Brooke: What a wannabe. She looks so fake.
  • Alicia: I think she looks-(inturupted by Brooke)
  • Brooke: You were saying?
  • Alicia: Oh! Uh, yeah. Totally fake. Plastic!
  • Rachel: What a loser. She probably had like, surgery!
  • Brooke: (gasp) Surgery...Rachel, you are brilliant. (walks away)
  • Alicia: Uh, what?
  • Rachel: I don't know.

  • Savvy: Oh great. Incoming Barbie Doll.
  • Brooke: Like heyyy Savannah! Must have been a very expensive surgery, right? I mean surgery usually takes months to recover from.
  • Savvy: You would know, Brooklyn.

(People starts giggling)

  • Savvy: Sorry but but not everyone needs plastic surgery to look good.
  • Genny and Lina: Ooooooooh!
  • Great Dane (HINT): Ownage!
  • Brooke: Oh, really? Well at least i didn't borrow my hair color from a carrot!
  • Savvy: You're right Brooke. It looks like you borrowed it from a banana.
  • Alicia:(Gasp)
  • Rachel: That little!
  • Greyhound: Oh no she did not!
  • Brooke: Purhaps, Savannah, you are not familiar with the term Blonde! Which I would add, is a nicer color than orange!
  • Sage: Something wrong here, babe?
  • Brooke: (Sweetly and innocently) Oh hey Sagey! (starts kissing Sage)
  • Genny: Uh....
  • Lina: Yeah. Uh, turning around now.

  • Genny: Savvy, that was pretty amazing.
  • Lina: Yeah! No one's ever stood up to Brooke like that.
  • Savvy: Never?
  • Genny: Nope. And Sav, people are totally staring at you. You look amazing!

(Under construction)

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