Best Frenemies Forever
Season 1, Episode 2
Air Date July 18, 2010
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Best Frenemies Forever is the second episode in season 1 of LPS: Popular. It aired on July 18, 2010.


Savannah talks to Brooklyn, her best friend turned popular girl. Will things go right back to how they were... or will they get ugly?

Detailed Plot Summary

The episode starts with a blonde cat heading down the hall to meet with Sage. Savannah asks Genny and Lina who she is. Genny tells her that she is Brooke Hayes, the richest and most popular girl in school, queen of the Barbie Dolls, and captain of the cheer leading team. Genny also states that she is the girlfriend of Sage Bond. The three then examine Brooke, who is making out with Sage. Lina responds to this with "Look at her; she's practically throwing herself on top of Sage!"

Suddenly, Savannah realizes that Brooke Hayes is actually Brooklyn from Montana. Excited to meet her ex-best friend again, she rushes over to Brooke. Lina tells her to stop, but it has no effect. Brooke is then shown saying goodbye to Sage after their make-out session, and he walks away from her. She is surprised when Savannah shouts her name (calling her Brooklyn), rushing over. She gives Brooke a big hug, oblivious to Brooke's new personality. Savannah pushes Brooke over on accident, to which she apologizes. Rachel Rivera, one of Brooke's best friends, asks if she knows this "loser". Alicia Hamilton then says that Savannah's outfit looks like something from Target.

Savannah ignores their rude comments and asks Brooke if she remembers her. She's extremely happy to see her again, and tells her that she moved to the same place. Brooke asks if they met. Savannah thinks that it was just a joke and begins to talk again. Brooke interrupts her, saying, "No? I thought so." She then leaves with Rachel and Alicia.

Savannah tells Brooke that she'll let her have this "little prank", and that she'll see her at lunch. She heads back over to Genny and Lina. They are shocked, making a point of how Savvy literally embarrassed herself in front of "the whole school!".