Angelina-Larry Relationship
Lina and Larry-0
General Information
Pairing Angelina and Larry Wolf
Intimacy Level Girlfriend and Boyfriend (Possibly)
Started The Party of the Century
Ended N/A
Status Romantic Interests
Angelina and Larry Wolf are romantically involved with each other. They have spent  some time together and have been seen embracing at school, so are believed to currently be boyfriend and girlfriend. However, their official status - whether they're simply flirting and not exclusive, or in a committed relationship - has not been properly confirmed.


Lina and Larry first met at Brooke's party in Episode #15, It All Comes Crashing Down, when Larry told Lina she "really is the prettiest cat at this party". This leads us to assume they started the relationship at, or not long after the party.

In Episode #21, What's Done is Done, Lina and Larry are seen embracing in the cafeteria, a clue to the fact that they are currently together. 

In episode #27, Larry is not seen but is mentioned by Genevieve Ryan, who comments that "kissing Larry Wolf once at a party doesn't count", which (may or may not) confirm that Lina has only kissed him once.